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The Best Way to Learn Real Estate Investing in Billings Montana

Real estate bird-dogging in Billings Montana is the process of finding great deals on property and then getting paid for it. You provide investors with property leads and they pay you for those leads. An example would be investor bob (made up name) will pay you for locating a vacant house $250 just for driving buy and writing down the address. Lots of investors pay the $250 or whatever you arranged when they end up buying the house. This is because not all houses are deals. With vacant house if the bird dog puts in some extra effort and find the owners of the vacant house then they pay an extra $250 at closing.
Why do you call it bird dogging?

Investors call it bird dogging because you are going out and retrieving leads for investors. Just like a bird dog goes out and gets birds for hunters. It’s just a name personally it should be called something like lead retriever but that have never really caught on.

The benefits of Bird-dogging.

You do not need to have good credit. With traditional real estate investing a lot of times you need to have good credit to get a loan and buy houses. There are ways to become a rock star investor without good credit but bird-dogging is a great place to start and earn extra income in Billings Montana.

There is no money needed. I know it’s hard to believe but all you really need to start is to walk around a few neighborhoods and look for houses or even just hear of someone looking to sell quickly.

This is also one of the best ways to learn a market and learn about real estate investing.

When do you get paid?

From my experience you could be getting a check in as little as three weeks. There is however several factors that will go into how soon you can expect to receive your check.

Some real estate deals take longer to close on. Because there is often liens on properties which takes some time to get cleared off the title. Also some sellers will want to take their time to close, so they can find new living arrangements.
We usually close on properties in 30 days but do have the ability to close in as little as 3 days in some cases. It all depends on the situation.

Why we pay for leads.

Successful real estate investors know that we cannot possibly get to all the good deals out here or find them. I spend a lot of time meeting with clients, realtors and keeping projects on task. Bird Dogs are important for all investors to help find some of the best deals in Billings Montana.

What you should be looking for.

Property owners who are willing to sell their home below market value because something about their home is causing them pain. We are providing a service to them, with the benefit of immediate sale. Most motivated property owners are willing to sell for less because they just want out. They cannot afford to make the necessary repairs their house needs. The house payments are killing them and ruining their credit. What would the homeowners do without us; they would lose the house and get nothing from it.

The reason sellers want to sell include Divorce, death in the family, downsizing, drug addiction, can’t afford payments, relocation, no patience, bank is going to foreclose on the home, bough another house and could not sell their other house, can’t pay taxes, violations from the city, don’t like neighborhood, also landlords who are tired of bad tenants.

There are several more reasons but these are just a few.

Do you think you would like to make some extra money in your spare time looking for vacant houses and motivated sellers?